Circle-tour around the pond Malomvölgy

We invite you to our stunning waterside excursion spot in Pécs!


Our Segwaytour takes part just a few kilometers away from Pécs around the lake and the park in a lovely evironment in every season. It’s always a good opportunity to leave the everyday problems behind your back and experience an adventurous relaxation during the tour. 

The pond system of the two lakes (the lake of Kökény and the lake of Keszü) is constructed with two dams and is one of the favorite picnic and fishing destinations of the area.

While our tour we get around the two lakes and we can enjoy natures beauty, not even distubing the fishing thanks to the environmentally friendly Segways.


Tour times
Number of participants
Difficulty level
Languages of guiding
Price of the tour
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Booking is necessary
~3 hours
min. 2 people
Hungarian, English, German
11.900 HUF/person


Tour price includes:

  • Segway use
  • Mini bus for the Segway transportation
  • Transfer for the participants from Pécs (Kossuth tér) to Malomvölgy, after the tour from Malomvölgy to Pécs
  • Tour leader 
  • Free refreshment
  • Safety training and driving technique training
  • Helmet (if you wish you can also bring yours)
  • Various protective equipment (knee and elbow pads)
  • Raincoat
  • Gloves if required
  • Photos will be taken of the unforgettable experience and sent to you free of charge at the e-mail address you give us




  • Food and drink
  • Taking photos and phone calls
  • Clothing
  • Safety equipment

Free soft drinks

Taking photos or making phone calls while you are travelling on Segway is strictly prohibited.

Comfortable clothes are recommended for the tours.

Riders must wear comfortable flat shoes, preferably closed toe shoes or sandals. High heels, shape-ups, flip-flops are not allowed.

Our riders are provided with helmets – for everyone. We can provide elbow and kneepads if needed – but under 18 is required